When we meditate, or are put into a trance, the goal is to bring the mind into a state where it easier accepts suggestions. We do this by slowing down the brain waves, and using hypnotic language, However, the language of the subconscious mind isn't only spoken words. It includes all 5 senses, which means it flourishes when we involve the body, as well as the mind, and will easier be programmed for change when we awaken both. These meditations and hypnoses will bring your whole being from tense and anxious, back into a calm, flow state.

This bundle includes meditations and hypnoses for:
-forming lasting female friendships
-love and heartbreak
-ancestral trauma
-anxiety (2)

Usually, the first thing I hear when I talk to someone new about meditating is, “oh, I can’t meditate, I’m thinking the whole time!”

Quieting our day to day thoughts is certainly proven to be quite a task, and when we TRY to accomplish this, it can push successful meditation even further away.

The answer is to allow ourselves to get into a trance as naturally as possible. How do we do this? by speaking to the subconscious mind in a way it likes to be spoken to… naturally.

The language of the subconscious mind is the 5 senses, so when we incorporate brainwaves, heartbeat, and breathing into our mind work, our desires come to life with much more ease.

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There are many misconceptions around hypnosis. To clear up any confusion you may have, click here! :)