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I am so excited to have you here!

If you’re struggling with anxious, spiraling thoughts, procrastination, and an all around heaviness in your body and heart, it may not be a coincidence you clicked on this page.

Maybe you want to change a specific aspect of your life, or maybe you just want to feel in tune with yourself, lighter, more consistent, and healed in general.

I gotchu!

This right here… is Soul Surgery!

This is the place to literally get you off your ass, out of your head, and into clarity… without years and years of therapy.

We are going to touch on the specifics that are keeping you in your comfort zone, unable to thrive.

For 22 years, I suffered in chronic pain, depression and anxiety from several un-diagnosed autoimmune diseases, and allowed many attempts of failed therapy to label me as “unfixable.”

They weren’t bad therapists, and I wasn’t unfixable.

After my autoimmune symptoms lessened greatly from a slew of lifestyle changes, I still found myself feeling less than stellar. I expected all of my fears and anxieties to disappear with the pain, but that wasn’t the case. Yes, my physical symptoms were gone but my brain had been operating from a state of constant pain and anxiety for 22 years. Of course I needed to re-learn some thinking patterns! My brain needed a complete overhaul, and it needed to be spoken to in a specific way, which is the key component of mental healing, and what most people don’t realize.

My worries and fears were buried deep in my subconscious mind and I needed to tap into that, pronto, before I allowed my own mind to wreck me.

It wasn’t until I discovered NLP, or Neuro-linguistic Programming, that I felt some hope that I may not have to remain a victim of my anxious thoughts forever, and this is only part of what we will utilize in this space.

Some other techniques I utilize are hypnosis, meditation, EFT tapping, and deep subconscious mind work using NLP for lasting change. These are the tools that took me from struggling to get off the couch, to living a life full of work, travel, and mindful happiness

I often hear people say “I wish I could get over my anxiety,” or “Literally nothing works for me, I’m the WORST with x,y, and z.” And I feel that. I really do, because that was me for SO….long! I was the one that “nothing worked” for, and I am beyond thrilled that I have the chance to share these learnings with you.

No cheesy affirmations.

No sugarcoating.

No bullshit.

I am not here to claim I can heal you. I am not here to change you. I am here to give you tools to awaken your inner peace; the goodness already inside of you. I am here to help you heal as we figure out this confusing journey of your ups and downs together.

Imagine yourself waking up looking forward to your day instead of pressing snooze 4 times, and dreading it.

Imagine yourself able to move through your anxious thoughts quickly, and without disruption to the rest of your day.

Imagine yourself enjoying the moment instead of worrying about the next one.

This 3 month, intimate container, is for the person who has a big picture in mind, but can’t seem to get out of their own head long enough to accomplish much in relation to their goals. I want to take you from brain spinning to heart spinning as we dive deep into what’s keeping you from being the best version of you.

Are you ready to let go of the unhealthy patterns you’ve been operating from on auto-pilot for all this time? Are you ready to let go of the B.S. that doesn’t serve your highest good? Are you ready to say yes to YOU?

Click here to find out if we’re a good match to work together! I’m so excited to hear from you!